Vespers, an explanation ВІДЕО ВЕЧІРНІ З ПОЯСНЕННЯМ

Св. Василій Великий про молитву Вечірні: „Коли день закінчиться, треба подякувати Богові за все те, що Він нам дав, і за те, що доброго ми вчинили. А й провини слід визнати, бо – чи ми свідомо, чи несвідомо провинилися ділом, словом або самою лише гадкою – за все нам треба переблагати Бога на молитві” (ШП. 37, 4).


Want  to know more about Vespers? Here is a link to Vespers service (at St. George's Sober in Lviv. You will find subtitled explanations in Ukrainian. An english explanation (is available here) Serving are Fr. Ivan Hobela and Protodeacon Nazar Yaruniv - who spent a month with us preparing for the consecration last year. 


Feast of the Protection of the Mother of God [and the 1st anniversary of the Consecration]

From now on October 1st - Feast of the Protection of the Mother of God is the secondary feast day of our parish as this is the day of the consecration of our temple. Please make every effort to attend the extra services this weekend to commemorate the feast and celebrate the accomplishments of the past year.

Here's a new video from KONTAKT TV with footage of the Patriarch's word at the celebratory banquet after the consecration. Enjoy!  

Coverage begins at the 20:00 min mark- His Beatitude's  word begins at 25:00 - there is so much good stuff here footage and edits by Markian Radomskiy.



Thursday evenings at the Sheptytsky Institute

Tonight September 21 the second in a regular series of evening talks.

Enjoy interesting speakers, learn about the institute and meet super cool people. All are welcome to Windle House (the home of the institute). Check out the details on the their website here. If you live, work or study in downtown Toronto? Stop by! In the suburbs and looking for an excuse to come into the city? This is pretty good excuse! Bring a friend, all are welcome.