Sunday bulletin November 19th Click here

Catechism this Sunday (today!) make every effort to attend.  Also on Sunday November 19th, a film crew from Ukraine will be filming our parish Liturgy, activities and chatechesis  as part of a series that airs in Ukraine called "Zhyva Parafia" (Vibrant Parish). These 15 minute episodes feature parish life in UGCC churches. Segments will air in Ukraine and are also available on YouTube.  here's an lovely example of what they do: https://youtu.be/lQM2fubAlYs


A note about the safety + supervision of children on Church property

1.  THANK YOU, for bringing your children to church!  Be assured, the effort (and it does take a lot of effort with little ones) is well worth it!

2.  It is a beautiful sight to see children playing on church grounds after Divine Liturgy (during Liturgy they are with you in church - yes?).

3.  In this good weather, the pond is a great attraction - but also poses a great risk!  No child of any age should be anywhere near the pond without PARENTAL supervision.   

4.  Rock climbing is a great sport, but climbing the rock walls around the church and playing around ventilation equipment also presents a liability.

5. We have been blessed with beautiful grounds - our own church “park”.  Do enjoy this gift with your children keeping them safe under your watchful eye!