FORGIVENESS SUNDAY - We begin the Great Fast with Forgiveness Vespers Sunday evening at 7p.m. With Monday being a civic holiday children can stay up later and this service.  What a wonderful way to end Family Day and begin Great Lent.  Remember, Monday is a day of STRICT FAST.  There are services all week to usher you into thisLenten Journey.  See the bulletin for details …….

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additional announcements:

2018 COLLECTION/MEMBERSHIP ENVELOPES should be out by next Sunday.  If your current box has lots of envelopes left, perhaps you could “make-up” with a one-time donation for some of those forgotten Sundays/feast days before the year ends.  For 2017 tax credit, donations must be received no later than December 31st.

PARKING RESTRICTIONS. On Sundays and busy days and snowy days please leave parking spots (in the first rows) closest to the church available those who need them most...parents with small children and those with mobility challenges and clergy. Do not park along the driveways as this also an emergency route.

A note about the safety + supervision of children on Church property

1.  THANK YOU, for bringing your children to church!  Be assured, the effort (and it does take a lot of effort with little ones) is well worth it!

2.  It is a beautiful sight to see children playing on church grounds after Divine Liturgy (during Liturgy they are with you in church - yes?).

3.  In this good weather, the pond is a great attraction - but also poses a great risk!  No child of any age should be anywhere near the pond without PARENTAL supervision.   

4.  Rock climbing is a great sport, but climbing the rock walls around the church and playing around ventilation equipment also presents a liability.

5. We have been blessed with beautiful grounds - our own church “park”.  Do enjoy this gift with your children keeping them safe under your watchful eye!